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Materials & Care Tips

Claude strictly uses only two metals .925 Silver and Solid Gold.
All our pieces are made in Silver .925.
The Pure Gold bath made on the Silver base is 24k, which will avoid allergic reactions.

The cleaning cloth

A special cleaning cloth will go with your piece. This should only be used when the piece has turned dark due to being stored or if it has turned dark after use (this happens if the person has a strong PH).

This cloth should not get wet for any reason or wash as it contains polish which is what is used to polish the pieces in the workshop and when mixed with water it will make a strong substance that will remove the gold plating from your piece and it will make it silver.

It is normal for the cloth to turn black when you clean your room. It can continue to be used unlimitedly even if it is black.

Its use should not be abused.

Basic cleaning at home

A piece of Silver or Silver plated in Gold can be cleaned with water.

The best way to keep your piece clean is not to take it off to bathe as it will naturally and gently clean any substance that has fallen on it during the day.

If you are going to store it, it is best to do it after cleaning it with water and letting it dry on a clean paper towel.

Silver is a precious metal that oxidizes, therefore, it tends to darken when exposed to light or when stored, also, the PH of your skin plays a very important role in the color of your piece. It is important to note that the only color that the piece must adopt due to its natural oxidation is a dark black color.
The Silver and Gold pieces will always be able to be cleaned and will be like new again.
The pieces of Silver .925 bathed in Gold lose their bath depending on the use and care provided.